I am a serial entrepreneur, Brand Attorney and business Strategist who is totally sold out with helping people on the value and the opportunity to live their dreams. I am a big picture thinker and I excel in clearly communicating complex ideas in a simple way.

My experience as a business owner, give me unparalleled knowledge and expertise to tend to your brand and your business. I customize approach and training to meet each client’s individual market. Having worked with varied of list clients and helped launch over 100 ventures into a successful business. My brand-building, Content creation and strategy consulting services have been employed by state governments, organisations, and other businesses.

When people ask me what I do, I resist the temptation to say ‘I am a Brand Strategist and a Lawyer’. Yes, I am a trained lawyer. My clients get FREE advice on how to protect their brands with trademarks, copyrights and contracts, I also respond to non-substantive office actions, if they arise.

Won’t you rather hire an interdisciplinary and get triple value for the price of one?


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