When I’m not wearing my cooperate and professional hat I donate my time to such worthy cause of empowering the girl child through my street2schoolafrica.com bridging the gap for girl-child education targeting at-risk poor girls. The Street-2-School campaign has over 10 years provided educational opportunities to more than 60 less-privileged girls. Since the year 2008 when I ventured into Girl-Child educational issues, I have continued to play prominent roles in my immediate community.

Aside from helping with the sponsorship of girls via the Street-2-School project, while I continue to offer pro bono legal services to Women in Distress The ability to raise significant scholarships and sponsorship for the out-of-school girls who would otherwise have been roaming the street represents the most cherished accomplishment. having the intrinsic value of reducing crime in society and adding beauty to lives that previously seemed hopeless.

Did I say I love to travel- Travel too is another passion?  I simply can’t sit still at my spare days, yes I sure love to explore the world. I am a tireless seeker of knowledge through travelling. seeing beautiful places and people pictures.