Investment: $1500

Master exactly how to build and grow your dream business and become the boss of your life.
I will work with you to brainstorm ideas, go through a SWOT analysis, and develop action steps that help you address key issues, figure out how to take advantage of a significant opportunity, overcome challenges, and achieve your goals. This package is for serious business owners/entrepreneur Looking to develop a strong business brand and become an authority in their industry
I’ll be doing a combination of brainstorming and creative exercises to (re)discover the core of your product and services.
We will deep-dive into the Who, What, When, Why, and How to set you up with the business foundation you need to succeed.
Through a combination of research, visioning sessions we will work together to Reshape, Refine and Reinvigorate your business.
I will work with you design your company’s unique selling point.
Post Session ( 4 Weeks Engagement )
I will work with you to build your relaunch email list.
I will work with you to write your copy including email, sales pages, Ad.
I will give legal advice on how to protect their brands with trademarks, copyrights and contracts, also respond to non-substantive office actions, if they arise.
I will work with you to build a brand you can profit from and bank on.


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